Youth Challenge 

- Building the Truth of God's Word into the lives of America's Youth

To donate to a staff member, Camp Machasay, Youth Challenge General Fund or to pay for a Camp Machasay registration by credit card or directly from your checking account, please go to our Donate page.
Why support Camp Machasay?

We at Camp Machasay want nothing more than to see youth come to know and love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is our desire to see young people become on fire for God while at camp and then take the passion back to their homes, schools and other everyday activities. We want them to become "world-changers." Because Camp Machasay is a nonprofit organization, we depend completely on people like you to help us continue ministering to children, families and churches. Please partner with us to bring the youth of this nation back to Christ!

How you can help...

Camp has several ways you can contribute financially. Below is a list of ways you may feel the Lord leading you to help.

  • Monthly: Camp is looking for individuals or companies who would like to help camp on a monthly basis. By having this kind of a commitment, we are able to run and stay on a budget.
  • Annual or Periodic: We understand that not all are able to commit monthly. However, if the Lord lays it on your heart to help Camp with a particular project or to our general fund with an occasional gift, please contact us.
  • Scholarship fund: This is a great way to contribute to Camp and a young student all at the same time! Camp Machasay does not turn away any individual who wishes to attend camp but cannot provide the funds for doing so. Please help us keep this part of our ministry available!
  • Volunteer! Because of the wide variety of tasks at camp, volunteers are always appreciated. We depend heavily on the generosity of those who give of their time for our ministry. Contact the camp office for more information.

Work Groups

We often have groups come stay at camp and help us with projects around the property to improve our camp. If you would like more information about bringing a group as a mission trip for your ministry, please contact us.

Work Group Leader Form
Work Group Volunteer Form
Work Group Liability Release Form
Work Group Volunteer Parental Release Form