Quizzing at the next level…

We finished up our local quizzing in January and now are studying and reviewing for the next level, Regionals. This tournament is held every year in St. Joseph, Mo. The competition at this event ramps up with students competing from many of the surrounding states.

We have put together a team of our top students from our area to make up this next level team.
What a joy it is to have the privilege coaching them. We are looking for a great tournament March 23-24.

My joy comes when we have our practices and I ask the quizzers what they have learned this year from what they have memorized. Their answers tell me that they have done much more than just memorize the words. They have “hidden God’s Word in their heart”.

It challenges me to read God’s Word more intently, looking for His word to me personally, flowing out of His initiated relationship with me.

Have a plan to read, memorize and meditate on God’s Word daily. It will bless your life.

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