“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial,” A recurring theme (CR. V.2-4). Suffering and trials are to be expected and even embraced. Through them we develop character and strength. Through them we get to see God’s grace empowering us. We are blessed!

“For when…” not ‘if’ but “when” indicates that we can be assured that we will stand. Why? Because God’s grace is flowing to us minute by minute from His throne empowering us to persevere. It is God working in us. (1Corinthians 15:10)

The test is our lifelong walk with Jesus. This life is the test. It will prove who are His and who are not. God has promised to keep those who are His. So persevering is not something we can manufacture in and of ourselves. God empowers us to walk the walk as He keeps us. God does not break his promises. He is the Promise Keeper to those who love him.

Prayer: Father help me to remain steadfast in my faith today and for all the days that you have given me. I will trust You to keep me with your power. Thank you for being my God and my Promise Keeper. What a great God you are! Amen.

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