Bible Quizzing


What is Bible Quizzing?
Bible Quizzing is a fun, intense and exciting activity for young people that provides competition at a local, regional, and national level. It cultivates friendships between Christian young people that can last a lifetime. Bible Quizzing encourages communication between parents and young people on a spiritual level and it provides direction and inspiration for thousands of young people nationwide. Bible Quizzing uses the Word of God as an edifying method of encouraging healthy competition among young people for the express purpose of discipleship. Youth Challenge offers you the opportunity to take part in this exciting activity.
What do I Need to Get Started?
Adults are key to a successful Quizzing program. Call us at Youth Challenge to set up a time when we can come and demonstrate quizzing to as many adults and teenagers as possible. Our contact info is on our “Contact Us” page and at the bottom of this page.
Equipment: Quiz seats are available through ACME Quiz Products. Clocks can be purchased at any photo supply shop.The question randomizer can be accessed through (See the link for this on our Resources and Tools page.). Also, laptops need to be used to run the quiz seats with the Perfect Quiz Out seat controller program.
Training: Youth Challenge will train all adults in every aspect of Bible Quizzing.
Material: Quiz questions, computer programs and Coaches Manuals are supplied by Youth Challenge.
How is Bible Quizzing Structured?
Teams are made up of five to seven teenagers. A league consists of a minimum of three teams that quiz together monthly. Districts are divided up geographically state by state. District meets are usually held in December and March. Regional quizzes are held at the end of the quiz season, usually in late March. Top teams from Regionals represent Youth Challenge at the National Bible Quiz Tournament. Nationals is sponsored each year by Bible Quiz Fellowship in April.