Here is the pattern for our walk with Jesus. To put away sin and receive salvation from Jesus.

“Therefore put away…” My part in this. But God does not ask me to do it alone. He enables me to put away sin out of my life on a daily basis. God never asks us to do anything that He does not equip us to do. He is not a task master. His yoke is easy, and his burden is light. He walks through life with us.

Next “receive”. Take His help with meekness. Take the “implanted word, which is able to save your souls.” Who is this “implanted word”? Jesus! Jesus himself living in us through His Spirit. He has come to live in us and empower us. He is full of grace and loves to help us in our weaknesses. We bring Him glory when we come to him in reliance on His all sufficiency.

Prayer: Father, thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to save us from our sin. Thank you for loving us so much and wanting this relationship with us. Help us receive everyday the grace and mercy you have for us and help us run to you, The Author and Perfector of our faith! Amen

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